Stuck in the middle with you.

I have a few confessions:

1. I have shamefully developed a girl crush on Miley Cyrus. I know she's no Amanda Seyfried or whoever you crazy kids find attractive these days, but dammit she has determination and a killer haircut.

2. I actually do like brussel sprouts and just go along with the 'eeks' and 'ews' that my friends use when they come up in conversation - which is happening more than usual lately. When given a chance, the modest sprout can actually fill a void you've been ignoring for years... asparagus on the other hand will never ever touch my lips again.

3.   - This one goes out to Ms James, I have not done my essays since early last year but you expect the best from me so you amazingly never actually check when I smile and nod. I feel awful for my deceptive ways and it seems like your having the last laugh now because I actually don't know anything about Judaism.

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