Do your dirty words come out to play when you are hurt?

I am way too competitive for my own good.
So this blog goes out to anyone I've ever versed in anything, ever.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the "Sucked in"-s, the "In yo face!!", the victory dances and God forbid in the event that I ever versed you and lost.... for those people particularly, I'm sorry.
But games like Simpsons Chess are very intense, serious games and everything I do I give my heart and soul.
I sincerely hope you understand.

On a happier note I have recently been proven that Australia does have some incredible muscians so I want to reveal to you my favourite bands that I've recently discovered. (in no particular order)

1. Sarah-Jane O'Hara                 http://www.myspace.com/sarahjaneohara
She is amazing, her voice, her piano skills and her incredible way to make the audience feel like you're all old friends of hers creates an extremely comfortable atmosphere at her gigs.
Her song Salmon and the Owl is absolutely beautiful.
Her EP is coming out soon so watch this space.

2. Feeding Edgar                       http://www.facebook.com/feedingedgar?ref=ts
Their gigs are always energetic and outrageous.
Their songs are the catchiest out and they all have an incredible beat.
On a side note they are all ridicously good looking ;) and selflessly gave up their time to play for a concert that raised money for children in Africa living in poverty
Their EP is already out and it's awesome and their album is out very soon!

3. Steve Edmonds Band      http://www.facebook.com/pages/Steve-Edmonds-Band/64749584461?ref=ts
His gigs are intense!
His Australia's version of Rufus Humphrey.
He created an appreciation for old school Rock in me, something I thought I would never find again.
He writes his own stuff but his version of Evie is ridiculously good.
His album that covers all of Hendrix's best songs is out now!

All three do heaps of gigs around town so I highly encourage you all to check out the websites and go to their shows!!

PL x


Stuck in the middle with you.

I have a few confessions:

1. I have shamefully developed a girl crush on Miley Cyrus. I know she's no Amanda Seyfried or whoever you crazy kids find attractive these days, but dammit she has determination and a killer haircut.

2. I actually do like brussel sprouts and just go along with the 'eeks' and 'ews' that my friends use when they come up in conversation - which is happening more than usual lately. When given a chance, the modest sprout can actually fill a void you've been ignoring for years... asparagus on the other hand will never ever touch my lips again.

3.   - This one goes out to Ms James, I have not done my essays since early last year but you expect the best from me so you amazingly never actually check when I smile and nod. I feel awful for my deceptive ways and it seems like your having the last laugh now because I actually don't know anything about Judaism.


I am Colourblind.

2 blogs in one day, what's happened to me??

But tonight is particularly significant for me and a group of determined, ambitious young things.

You see, about this time one year ago a group of roughly 40/50 kids were running off stage beaming.
9 months of rehearsals, dancing, acting, laughs and spitroast lunches climaxed into one amazing night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I've never been a part of something so incredible before and I'm struggling to believe it's been a whole year.

So this post is for my amazing leaders - Lyss, Dane, Ash, John and Tim.
And to the whole cast and crew who I miss dearly.

Rosa Parks - Woman of Colour

Every single one of these people are amazing.

PL x

Here Comes The Sun

I've been daydreaming... a lot.
Today I found myself asleep with my eyes open while in class.
That can't be helpful, what with the pop quiz before schoolies coming up and all.
But here are a few things I've been day dreaming about lately:

my trip to rural Aus. with the best cousin/sister a girl could ask for.

Playing in the snow on a warm summer day

Thredbo Blues Festival, more specifically The Steve Edmonds Band (Australia's version of Rufus Humphrey)

Having the freedom to jump in a VW with my best friend, a killer soundtrack and time.

So there you go, a smidgen more than you didn't already know about me.
Stay out of trouble young ones.
PL x


It's just another Tequila Sunrise.

Things I have learnt from listening to The Eagles

1. It is vital to 'Take it Easy' while also taking it 'to the limit' but remember that you should 'Learn to be still'... interesting.

2. On a dark desert highway you will find an incredible Hotel, be careful though because you can 'check out anytime you'd like, but you can never leave.'

3. Who needs food, water and shelter because 'Love will keep us alive'. - I'm holding myself back from an incredibly insensitive quote about a certain country.

4. 'Anything can happenin in a New York minute' but 'I can't tell you why'.

5. You should avoid all 'Witchy Woman' at ALL costs.

6. They are the best band to study to, I'm really not exaggerating they are 19828467356 better than what you're listening to right now.*

* except of course you are listening to Cat or Van, in which case... you have incredible taste in music.

Finally, i have learnt that The Eagles are incredible in all that they do and if they ever need a back up triangle player I will clear any prior plans I may have had and gladly set up camp in their touring bus.

So there you go all my loyal fans (just the one- Steph, cheers Steph) there is a little more that you did not know about me, I am in fact a closet Eagles maniac.

Stay out of trouble young ones.
PL x


Hi, Good Thanks.

I want to go somewhere exciting next year, but in in order to get in I have to submit an application.
When asked what should be in this application, an incredibly helpful director told me "You... express yourself, explore your creative voice and dare to try".

Those of you who know me, know that articulating and expressing myself is something that I am incredibly bad at. Like horrible. I do like writing though, so I have decided to take on the challenge and 'dare to try' and overcome this personal struggle to express myself:

- I  am a crazy mix of emotions as I'm 3 weeks off graduating. I'm nervous to leave the security of a routine but I'm excited to go out and explore and throw myself into some serious learning of the industry. That's pretty much where I'm at at the moment.

                                                         That, and I miss kindergarten.