I just need something to get me through the thick of it.

So, while drowning in thousands of essays, past HSC papers and syllabus dot points (while failing to actually care a whole heap) I have listened to hours and hours of beautiful music through my Ipod speakers.

This morning the incredible Lisa Mitchell performed. Her song Neapolitan dreams wrapped up pretty much every emotion that I was feeling in that delirious state... and it kinda freaked me out!!

"I'm just heaps indie and sentimental." No but seriously, best song and so very relevant right now.

You'll go n I’ll be okay,
can dream the rest awayIts just a little touch of fate, it will be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I

I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time

I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves
It couldn't be a longer time, I feel like I am walking blind
I have no arrival time
There are no legible signs 

I like the way that you talk,
I like the way that you walk.
It’s hard to recreate such an individual game
You wait you turn in the queue,
You say your sorries and thank you’s
I don’t think you’re ever
A hundred percent in the room

You’re not in the room
Deepest, of the dark nights
here lies, the highest of highs

Neopolitan Dreams, stretching out to the sea

You wait you turn in the queue,
You say your sorries and thank yous
I don’t think you’re ever
A hundred percent in the room
You’re not in the room 

The first part is about my anxieties and anticipation for the HSC.
The latter is how I feel about a chivalrous gentleman I met recently... He's lovely.

I'd love for the next 13 days to zoom past so I can safely make it to my month of celebrations. Please and thanks.

PL x


Let's dance to Joy Division and celebrate the irony!

Do you ever get the feeling you ran the wrong way?
You backed the wrong horse?
You took the option that was perhaps more dangerous and unstable?

...That's me in a nutshell. My life story.

I ran the wrong way the other day, I ran fast and far. I didn't turn around once to see what I was potentially getting myself into. The excitement of possibilities was all too overwhelming for me to consider that maybe this would be the the wrong way to run. On the home stretch I began to doubt myself and my instincts. Why did I choose to go this angle? Because I wanted to do it on my own terms.

But who doesn't love a story that ends with the underdog winning? I like to choose the abstract path, the path that offers no serious support or definite outcome because I like the excitement of not knowing where it will lead me.

I'm worried that leaving the security of school will mean that perhaps I may have to take these options and decisions more seriously and instead of choosing spontaneous offers I may have to take time and analyse what I truly want to achieve from these decisions.

I happen to like running the wrong way.

PL x