It's just another Tequila Sunrise.

Things I have learnt from listening to The Eagles

1. It is vital to 'Take it Easy' while also taking it 'to the limit' but remember that you should 'Learn to be still'... interesting.

2. On a dark desert highway you will find an incredible Hotel, be careful though because you can 'check out anytime you'd like, but you can never leave.'

3. Who needs food, water and shelter because 'Love will keep us alive'. - I'm holding myself back from an incredibly insensitive quote about a certain country.

4. 'Anything can happenin in a New York minute' but 'I can't tell you why'.

5. You should avoid all 'Witchy Woman' at ALL costs.

6. They are the best band to study to, I'm really not exaggerating they are 19828467356 better than what you're listening to right now.*

* except of course you are listening to Cat or Van, in which case... you have incredible taste in music.

Finally, i have learnt that The Eagles are incredible in all that they do and if they ever need a back up triangle player I will clear any prior plans I may have had and gladly set up camp in their touring bus.

So there you go all my loyal fans (just the one- Steph, cheers Steph) there is a little more that you did not know about me, I am in fact a closet Eagles maniac.

Stay out of trouble young ones.
PL x

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